Sunday, April 1, 2018

How a Spring Tune-Up for Your AC Saves You Money!

Looking for ways to save money as winter wraps up and temperatures soar? Not sure how spending money can save you money on your air conditioner in Ann Arbor? Not sure what to think about the benefits of a spring tune-up for your AC?

Sometimes you’ve got to spend money to save money! It can be tempting to keep your wallet closed tightly when your household appliances seem to be running smoothly and you don’t notice any obvious problems. 
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When it comes to your AC in particular, a regular spring tune-up will save you money in the long-run:

  • Efficiency: If you don’t budget for the regular maintenance of your AC unit, the components will get bogged down with dirt and grime and run less efficiently. Instead of paying for your machine to work harder for the same results, get a tune-up for your AC and start seeing the savings generated by an efficient machine!
  • Preventative: Regular maintenance appointments for your AC will keep your unit running smoothly and help you avoid breakdowns that require costly repairs. Your maintenance technician will also let you know about the condition of the machine so you won’t be surprised by the cost of a repair or replacement that may be coming down the line for older appliances. 
  • Extended Life: Scheduling regular maintenance tune-ups will keep your AC running longer. Operating at peak efficiency will put less stress on the machine and keep it going. A few extra years of quality operation should be well worth the cost of maintenance! 

A spring tune-up for your air conditioner in Ann Arbor is an effective way to save money over the life of your AC unit. If you have questions about or want to schedule a spring tune-up for your AC, give us a call today. 

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