Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Ultimate Ways to Stay Cool this Summer

Do you live in a home without air conditioning?

Are certain rooms hotter than others in your house?

How do you make it through the hot summer days?
air conditioner Ann Arbor

We’re happy to share some easy ways you can follow to keep feeling comfortable all summer long!
  1. Keep a fan nearby
  2. Drink ice water frequently
  3. Dress for the weather
  4. Stock your freezer with iced treats
  5. Watch winter movies
  6. Close your blinds
  7. Open your windows at night
  8. Turn off all appliances that give off heat

Are you worried about not being able to afford an air conditioner? Is it a challenge to find an appropriate system to keep your house cool? Our trained HVAC technicians can recommend the proper system, and give you an affordable price with convenient financing options.

Most good quality air conditioning systems will last at least ten years, like Bryant, Carrier, Honeywell or Mitsubishi, so what you pay when you run the system is at least as important as what you pay when you install the system. But as you consider how to cool your Ann Arbor home, you should also consider the cost of upkeep, maintenance and repair. Investing in one of these high quality systems will help ensure that your maintenance costs are reasonable, and your costs of repair are as low as possible.

Give us a call at (734) 424-9555 to talk with the most customer-friendly provider of air conditioners in Ann Arbor! You can arrange an appointment for one of CMR Mechanical’s experienced technicians to visit your home or business to evaluate your heating and cooling needs. We’re happy to install your air conditioner in Ann Arbor today!