Thursday, December 15, 2016

The Importance of Vents in Your Home

Ever wonder what the “V” in HVAC stands for? It’s ventilation, and it’s what makes the heating and cooling in your house effective. Without vents and ventilation, the heat generated by your furnace would radiate from a single point in your house, and by mid-January, you’d find the whole family huddled around furnace and the rest of the house cold and empty.

So how do you know if your vents are in peak condition?
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One way to tell if your ventilation system is property circulating air throughout the hose is by looking at your utility bill. Prices will fluctuate monthly depending on the weather, but you can compare what you spent over a two or three month period with same period the year before. If your bill has gone up, your vents may need some TLC. Your system might benefit from a good cleaning and possibly a reapplication of duct tape in a spot or two.

What else should you know about your vents?

Good ventilation in the home is also key to keeping indoor allergens at bay. Particularly as the weather becomes less conducive to outdoor activities, ventilation and a clean air filter will help keep allergies related to dust, mold, and pet hair under control.

The experts on heating in Ann Arbor know the importance of a superior ventilation system to the comfort of you and your loved ones at home. If your utility bill has been creeping up or you’re worried indoor allergies are getting the better of you, give us call! We’re ready to come inspect your vents, filters, and HVAC unit, provide recommendations for service, and make sure your home is running in top shape!