Monday, December 25, 2017

Smart Phone App Control at Your Fingertips!

How would you like the convenience of having access to your air conditioner and furnace controls at your fingertips?

Do you use your smart phone for everything?

Do you currently find your smart phone a useful tool for controlling other devices in your home? It could start controlling your thermostat!

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Friday, December 15, 2017

Get Serious Payback when You Purchase a Zoned Comfort Solution!

Ready to learn more about a zoned comfort solutions and how they deliver a return on investment? Looking for a heating and cooling option that will put money back in your pocket? Interested in the serious saving potential of ductless heating and cooling for you Ann Arbor home?

Buying appliances isn’t most people’s idea of a super fun time. But if you were shopping for an appliance that could not only make your home comfortable year-round but also save you some serious money, that would really up the incentive!

This is precisely what you get when you’re shopping for a zoned comfort solution! Check out the details on how zoned comfort solutions pay you back:
heating and cooling Ann Arbor

Precise Temperature Control: controlling the temperature of your house in several zones rather than one (i.e., the whole house) means you choose where you spend your money. In other words, no more cooling the guest bedroom all day when no one’s in there, or heating the dining room all night!

Reduce Energy Loss: zoned comfort solutions minimize energy loss by eliminating ducts and vents and by operating on a smaller scale. You won’t be losing any money with heat transfer as air moves through ducts, and the units themselves operate more efficiently than larger forced-air systems.

No Over-Compensating for Hot-Spots: maybe you have the house set to 75 degrees in summer, but your sunny living room is just too hot! With a forced-air system, to make your living comfortable, you might have to fork over major cash, turning your system down much lower than you’d like. With zoned solutions, you can tackle the hot- or cold-spots in your house with their own units and spend less each month on heating and cooling. 

Efficient Installation: a short, simple installation makes for a less expensive installation, too. By investing in ductless heating and cooling, you’ll be assured that the needs for renovation after installation (like rebuilding walls) will be minimal to nonexistent.  

Combined Appliance: one of the great features of the zoned comfort solution is that it uses a heat pump which can both heat and cool your home. By including two appliances in one, you’re saving with your initial investment and keeping it in use all year long. 

It’s no wonder more and more homes and families are being turned on to the possibility and money-saving potential of zoned comfort solutions and ductless heating and cooling in Ann Arbor. If you have questions about zoned comfort solutions for your home, give us a call today. We are happy to design and customize a system that meets your needs. 

Friday, December 1, 2017

How to Design Around Your HVAC

Worried the components of your HVAC are the focal points in every room in your home? Want a solution to take back the design of your home? Need tips to minimize the presence of you HVAC components?

If you have any appreciation for the aesthetics of your home and décor, you’re probably not a big fan of the necessary utility components you have to live with and design around. We’re talking about outlets, switches, cables, wires, and, most definitely, your HVAC system.

heating and cooling Ann Arbor If you’re at all familiar with ductless HVAC systems, you might think of them as relatively large, wall-mounted units that definitely draw your attention. Something like that could be difficult to design around. The reality is, ductless HVAC systems have several qualities that can make them very easy to fit seamlessly into your existing décor. 

To help you confidently design and decorate around your ductless HVAC system, let us fill you in on a few tips and pointers:

  • Simple installation means no extensive remodeling will be required to fit your whole home with new heating and cooling technology. 
  • The no-vent design of ductless systems translates to fewer components in your rooms to design around. 
  • Units are wall-mounted and don’t need to take up a window.
  • You can place units above the eye-line and may be able to place them in a nook or corner to obscure its visibility.   
  • Ductless units are low-profile and typically feature a modern design that blends into décor like any other high-end appliance. 
  • Delivering conditioned air at decibels less than a whisper, the unit will not draw attention to itself like forced air units. 
  • Different looks to suit your décor are available with certain configurations such as covers. 
  • Contractors may be able to install your units in wall or ceiling cavities and nooks.
  • Help camouflage a unit in a room by placing it above a window.
  • Hide the unit in plain sight by hanging art of photos near it. 

Your HVAC unit definitely doesn’t need to cramp your style! With our tips and tricks, you can see a little creative placement can go a long way and your guests will never know how you keep your home so comfortable!

If you have more questions about ductless heating and cooling in Ann Arbor, don’t hesitate to give us a call. With so many solutions available, we can customize a system to suit your needs perfectly!