Monday, August 14, 2017

When Do You Need to Change The Coolant in Your HVAC?

Is your air conditioner failing to cool your home?

Does it take forever to see a change in temperature after you set your thermostat?

Do you think your system is working harder than it should to cool down your home?
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These problems may be the direct result of being low on Freon or Puron. At CMR Mechanical, we always recommend a seasonal clean and check on your system to ensure that it’s running smoothly and efficiently to avoid potential problems later in the heat of summer.

Making sure that your system is serviced each year will help keep your unit operating at manufacturer standards. This will affect both the energy efficiency and longevity of your system, saving you money over time. Imagine how comfortable your house will be all year round by making sure your system is properly maintained!

If your air conditioning unit is older, it uses Freon. If your air conditioner is newer, it probably uses Puron as a refrigerant. Puron was approved by the Environmental Protection Agency to help phase out Freon. It’s the first long term solution to Freon’s harmful effects to the environment! Unfortunately, you can't just replace Freon with Puron if you want to be eco-friendly. You have to purchase a whole new air conditioning unit to make the environmentally friendly switch.

How Often Does the Air Conditioner in Your Ann Arbor Home Need Service?

Once a year! According to Angie’s List, “it’s a good idea to have it inspected, serviced and cleaned once a year — ideally in the spring — to ensure it operates at peak energy efficiency and is ready to cool your house during the months you need it most.

As your HVAC system runs, it accumulates dust and dirt in key areas that affect its efficiency, like the condensing coils and air filters. Left unchecked, your A/C system can lose 5 percent of its operating efficiency each year because of this buildup, meaning it can’t cool your house as capably as it could if it were clean.”

Your HVAC will start to work harder and eventually wear out. You’ll have to spend a lot more money on service calls and repairs if you wait till the air conditioner in your Ann Arbor home fails. 

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