Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Common Furnace Issues—When to Know When You Need a Repair!

Ann Arbor finally let up—no more snow drifts or dead trees. Eighty-degree weather has finally hit. Time to grill, camp, and dodge bicyclists as you drive downtown! But even if the weather is heating up, you still need to keep the furnace for your Ann Arbor home in mind. Sometimes problems arise, and you’re not sure when you need to give someone a call. Before you give us a call, let’s run through this checklist with you!

If your furnace stops working, ask yourself the following questions:

Is everything on that needs to be on?

Is the thermostat set to “heat?”

Is your air filter dirty or clogged?

Silly as these issues are, Family Handyman states that these are all extremely common reasons for your furnace to be “broken.” You may forget you turned the furnace or gas off. The pilot light might not be lit.

If you discover any of these issues was the problem, then that’s great—no need to call a professional! If problems persist, however, there may be a more serious issue. For example, if your furnace is making odd noises, that’s not normal!

Regular maintenance is the key to a healthy life for your furnace. If your furnace problems go beyond the simple issues on our checklist, give us a call for a professional assessment!

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Naturally Cooling Your Home

Ann Arbor weather can be unpredictable—snow one day, ninety degrees the next! But whether you’re suffering from a broken air conditioner or just want to save a few bucks on your AC bill, there are plenty of ways naturally cool your home. Let us tell you a few!

Cooling Yourself

When it’s eighty degrees and humid, the best thing you can do is wear light clothes and eat and drink cool options like salads and sandwiches. According to Huffington Post, sleeping on a lower floor in your house can also be helpful. A truly original way to chill is to freeze your cotton sheets before bed—that provides the maximum amount of cool-down when you sleep!

Cooling Your Home

Lowering temperatures in your home can be as simple as closing your blinds. According to Family Handyman, 30% of unwanted heat comes from your windows! If you want a bit of fresh air, open them at night. When the sun goes down, air becomes considerably cooler, so opening your windows can help provide a bit of chill inside your home.

Unconventional Solutions

Avoid using your oven! If Ann Arbor temperatures are already too hot to handle, preheating your oven to 350ยบ won’t give you any relief. Instead, turn to your outdoor grill—there are plenty of delicious summer dishes ready for your plate.

There are a few hacks you can try, too—ice fans and chillows are just two of them.

An ice fan is essentially a box fan angled to blow at a bowl of ice or an ice pack. The vapor coming off your cold source is then blown into the room—cold air sinks and helps to reduce heat. A “Chillow” is a real product that you can buy—it’s a pillow with frozen water in it—or you can try making your own. There are plenty of DIY tutorials online. These chilly pillows can reduce headaches and help you sleep through hot summer nights.

And if all else fails, keep in mind that a repair is just one call away.

Friday, June 15, 2018

How to Get the Most out of Your Air Conditioning Estimate

Want to make sure you’re saving money with your new air conditioning in Ann Arbor? Looking for the right questions to ask when you get an estimate for new AC? Want to be confident and informed before starting the process of getting new air conditioner?
air conditioning ann arbor

If you’re planning on getting a new air conditioning system, you may already know that to get the best price, it pays to get a few estimates. But do you know how to get the most out of your estimate for air conditioning? A great strategy for getting a good value for your estimate is going in prepared with some simple questions. Take a look at the list of questions below to get started. 

1. System Size

Ask about the system size you need and make sure the contractor is making estimates from scratch rather than basing the estimate on your current unit size. 

2. Brands

Ask about the brands offered by the company and why go with those manufactures. 

3. Ductwork

Ask about a duct inspection to make sure you don’t need repairs or replacements. 

4. Efficiency

Ask about Energy Star appliances and SEER ratings if you like saving money and energy. 

5. Start Date

Ask about the company’s availability, especially if you need a new AC after the weather warms up. 

6. Guarantees and Warranties

Ask about guarantees in service and warranties on products in case you run into any issues down the line. 

7. Permits 

Ask if the company will take care of permits and if the cost is included in your estimate. 

8. Rebates and Tax Credits

Ask about rebates and tax credits available so you get the whole picture on the cost. 

9. Final Cost

Ask about the final cost including taxes and fees so you aren’t surprised when you get the bill. 

10. Payment Options

Ask about financing or payment plans if you want a little more time to pay. 

Call CMR Mechanical today for an air conditioning estimate!

Now that you’re prepared to get the most out of your estimate for new air conditioning in Ann Arbor, meet with a few companies and be confident you’re getting a good deal and quality service.

Give CMR Mechanical a call and get started on your estimate for new AC today. 

Friday, June 1, 2018

6 Things You Must Know Before Getting an Air Conditioning Estimate

Want to be informed as you start the process of updating your air conditioning in Ann Arbor? Getting an estimate for new AC and aren’t sure what questions to ask? Need tips to make sure you’re getting the best products and service?

Being in the market for new air conditioner can be stressful. It’s a big purchase and you want to make sure you get a good deal. The best strategy for saving money and getting what you need is to have one or more companies come to your home and give you an estimate on the cost of a new unit, installation, and any other work you may need. To get the most out of your estimate, there are a few things you should know:
air conditioning ann arbor

What to know before your AC estimate.

1. From Scratch

Some companies may be tempted to base an estimate for new AC on the size of your current system. A quality estimate, however, shouldn’t take for granted that your current size is actually the best size. Before your estimate, know that it should be made from scratch, taking many factors into consideration. 

2. Ductwork

The efficiency and efficacy of your AC is not solely based on the unit; your ductwork can play a huge role! Before your estimate, know that your ducts should be given a proper inspection for cleanliness, leaks, and any needs for updates. 

3. Energy Efficiency

If you’re into living green or saving money, you should learn a little about Energy Star appliances and SEER ratings before your estimate. More efficient units will save you on your electric bill and are good for the planet, but also cost more initially. Before your estimate, know if you’re interested in Energy Star appliances so you can get an accurate quote. 

4. Credits and Rebates

Government tax credits and rebates could be available for certain AC models, but your estimate may not include these if you don’t ask. Before your estimate, know to ask about taxes and rebates so you get what you want at the best price. 

5. Grand Total

Speaking of price… Before your estimate, know to ask for the grand total, including sales tax and any other fees that might surprise you on your final bill. 

6. Financing and Payment Plan

You may not be able to get out of paying for your new air conditioning in Ann Arbor, but you may be able to make the payment a little easier on your wallet with financing or a payment plan. Before your estimate, know to ask about payment options available through the installer and the manufacturer. 

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Now that you’re prepared to get the most out of your estimate, you can meet with a few companies and be confident you’re getting a good deal and quality service.

Give CMR Mechanical a call and get started on your estimate for new AC today.