Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A Hot & Cold History of Central Air

Are you grateful for the invention of modern central air heating and cooling systems?

How would your life be different if you didn’t have heating and cooling technology?

First, you wouldn’t have thermostats to easily change the temperature in the house! Second, there would be no fancy app that you can access from your iPhone to remotely change the settings on your thermostat. Last, you would probably have to perform some manual labor like cutting and chopping wood for your fireplace, and that can be quite tiresome!
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According to research, “prior to 1885 the majority of homes in America were heated with wood burning brick fireplaces, and derivatives of the cast iron Franklin Stove invented in 1742. Today 60% of homes heated are with gas fired forced air furnaces (FAU’s), and another 9% with oil fired FAU’s.” 

Additionally, Willis Carrier is the man to thank for our climate controlled homes in the high heat of summer. He “built the first air conditioner in 1902 to combat humidity problems inside a printing company. However, residential air conditioning would remain a luxury for the wealthy until after World War II,” becoming one of the greatest inventions known to man.  

“In 1953, room air conditioner sales would exceed one million units. By 1998, shipments of unitary air conditioners and heat pumps set a record of more than 6.2 million units.” Purchasing units or appliances for heating and cooling in Ann Arbor, and in the United States continue to grow throughout the years.

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