Saturday, October 1, 2016

What to Do When Your Electric Water Heater Stops Working!

No hot water? Do you hate cold showers? CMR Mechanical are the experts when it comes to heating and cooling your Ann Arbor home. We want to provide you a guide that will help you deal with a hot water heater that stops working like a pro!
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  1. Check the fuse or circuit breaker to make sure power is going to the heater. Resetting the circuit by flipping the switch feeding your water heater off and back on may solve your problem.
  2. Reset the high temperature cutoff. Under the metal plates covering your thermostats and heating elements, you will also see a large red button. Press the button to reset the high temperature cutoff and test your hot water.
  3. Test heating elements. Using a no contact voltage detector, you can test the heating elements in your hot water heater for burnouts or short circuits. Always exercise caution when working with electrical elements! Power to the unit should be turned off before proceeding with tests.
  4. Replace one or both heating elements depending on the results of your tests. The elements are inexpensive, widely available, and relatively easy to replace.
  5. Call our experts to diagnose and fix any issue ailing your hot water heater heating and cooling your Ann Arbor home.

Because hot water heaters don’t use moving parts, they tend to be one of the more reliable appliances in your home and maintenance issues can be easy to repair DIY style. If your unit is on the older side or you’ve already tried the easy fixes, we’re ready to assist you with issues related to heat and cooling your Ann Arbor home, satisfaction 100% guaranteed.

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