Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Common Furnace Issues—When to Know When You Need a Repair!

Ann Arbor finally let up—no more snow drifts or dead trees. Eighty-degree weather has finally hit. Time to grill, camp, and dodge bicyclists as you drive downtown! But even if the weather is heating up, you still need to keep the furnace for your Ann Arbor home in mind. Sometimes problems arise, and you’re not sure when you need to give someone a call. Before you give us a call, let’s run through this checklist with you!

If your furnace stops working, ask yourself the following questions:

Is everything on that needs to be on?

Is the thermostat set to “heat?”

Is your air filter dirty or clogged?

Silly as these issues are, Family Handyman states that these are all extremely common reasons for your furnace to be “broken.” You may forget you turned the furnace or gas off. The pilot light might not be lit.

If you discover any of these issues was the problem, then that’s great—no need to call a professional! If problems persist, however, there may be a more serious issue. For example, if your furnace is making odd noises, that’s not normal!

Regular maintenance is the key to a healthy life for your furnace. If your furnace problems go beyond the simple issues on our checklist, give us a call for a professional assessment!

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