Sunday, July 15, 2018

Plan Ahead for Replacing Your Commercial Facilities Air Conditioning

air conditioning ann arborWant to save money on your energy bills without spending a ton of money?

Is it the right time to upgrade your air conditioning?

Do you perform regular maintenance check on your air conditioner?

If your HVAC system accounts for 50 percent of your building’s energy costs, making upgrades and boosting maintenance are the top two ways to save energy.

Upgrades: If you can’t afford to replace your old system, you can still limit your energy use by making a smaller investment in HVAC upgrades. These improvements include the installation of smart thermostats and programmable controls that will shut off lighting and HVAC when buildings are unoccupied. You may consider retrofitting your system with energy savings elements like a compressor, air-side economizers, demand-controlled ventilation and condenser fan controls.

Maintenance: When you’re looking to save energy, there is no substitution for preventative maintenance. Your service technician can change air filters, clean coils, and check refrigerant levels. Even if one part of your system is slightly off, energy usage and your utility bills can rise.

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