Monday, April 1, 2019

Can You Save Money Buying a New AC Unit Online?

Trying to save money with your new AC purchase? Thinking about buying your new AC unit online to cut costs? Looking for an expert in heating and cooling in Ann Arbor to help make the decision about a new AC?

Shopping online can be a great way to save money. But if you purchase an appliance such as an AC unit online, the money you save probably won’t be worth it in the end. When you go for a cheap product upfront, you’ll run into a lot of unexpected costs. And buying a product online that needs professional installation and maintenance will bring you more problems than it’s worth. 

The unexpected costs when you buy you AC unit online to save money. 

heating and cooling Ann ArborInstallation: if you buy a product online, most heating and cooling professionals in Ann Arbor won’t touch it for installation. They can’t provide the same guarantees on service and don’t really know if the product is what the third-party seller claims it is. 

Warranty: if your product is meant to come with a manufacturer’s warranty, you could void it when you purchase from a third party or if you need to install it yourself. 

Maintenance: buying a cheap product is likely going to cost you with expensive repairs. Even worse, a cheap AC unit that might be supposed to last 10 years or more could give out early and you’ll need to replace it.

Service: heating and cooling companies in Ann Arbor may not be able to service your equipment depending on the brand you purchase. 

Efficiency: without professional guidance, there’s a good chance you won’t buy the right equipment for your home which will lead to higher cooling costs due to inefficiency. 

Now that you understand the costs and issues you face when you try to save a little money with an online purchase, give the professionals in heating and cooling Ann Arbor a call at CMR Mechanical. When you call the experts, you can count on reliable installation, service, and a quality system. Get in touch today!

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