Friday, January 1, 2016

10 Winter Hacks You Must Know When You Live in Michigan!

Are you looking for ways to make your life easier this winter?

Do you struggle paying high energy bills?

Do you hate thawing out your car after a deep freeze?

As fellow Michiganders, we understand your frustrations. It’s important to share winter hacks and help make our lives easier. Don’t you agree?

Here are a few winter hacks to get you through the season:

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  1. Run your ceiling fan on low and spin it clockwise to help warm air circulate.
  2. Curl up with an electric blanket to save energy.
  3. Open the curtains when the sun is out to help warm your home naturally.
  4. Use your oven for cooking as much as possible so you can benefit from its warmth.
  5. Point your car east so the sun will thaw the snow on your windshield.
  6. Check your tires treads with a penny! If Lincoln’s head shows, you may due for new tires.
  7. Spray a vinegar/water mixture on your car windows to help prevent ice.
  8. Wear a sweater so you won’t notice the subtle thermostat change when you lower the temperature at night.
  9. Turn down hot water tank temperature to save on energy bills.
  10. Insulate your windows, attic, and garage doors!

Are you still looking for winter hacks to make your life easier? Talk to an expert heating contractor in Ann Arbor about how you can lower costs.

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