Friday, January 15, 2016

Avoid Emergency Service for Heating Your Ann Arbor Home!

Do you have old heating equipment?

Are you afraid of a high heating repair costs?

Do you want to avoid emergency service repairs during the holidays?
heating Ann Arbor

To ensure your furnace can handle the tough winter we have ahead of us, schedule a $99 clean and check inspection with a heating expert in Ann Arbor. We’ll measure your home and survey your needs to recommend the correct system to maximize your comfort for heating your Ann Arbor home. We handle anything from gas and oil furnaces to air conditioners to geothermal heat pumps!

We have an emergency service line, but we rather you not wait till you’re in that critical moment of pulling your turkey out of the oven and your friends and family are around the dinner table waiting for dinner to be served when your furnace stops.  

We’ll try and have someone out to you as soon as possible when you call our 24 hour emergency service line at (734) 424-1560. For all other appointments, please call (734) 424-9555.

The “Go to Guys” For Heating Your Ann Arbor Home!

At CMR Mechanical, we’re committed to providing the highest level of service and installation in the industry! In fact, we put our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for equipment and all services in writing! If you ever need your heating and cooling units inspected, we hope you consider us your “go-to-guys.” Call (734) 424-9555 to schedule an appointment today!

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