Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Solar Liquid Heating Panels Make Heating Your Home in Ann Arbor More Efficient

Are you trying to be as eco-friendly as possible? 
Are you looking to replace your forced air system with solar generated heat?
Do you want to save money on your energy bill?

Solar liquid heating panels are a great way to reduce costs over time when you’re installing a new heating system like a heat pump or radiant floor heat.
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How Do Solar Liquid Heating Panels Work for Heating Ann Arbor Homes?

According to Energy Star, “active solar heating systems use solar energy to heat a fluid -- either liquid or air -- and then transfer the solar heat directly to the interior space or to a storage system for later use. If the solar system cannot provide adequate space for heating, an auxiliary or back-up system provides the additional heat. Liquid systems are more often used when storage is included, and are well suited for radiant heating systems, boilers with hot water radiators, and even absorption heat pumps and coolers. Both liquid and air systems can supplement forced air systems.”

What Are The Benefits to Solar Liquid Heating?

Radiant floor heat provides many benefits to your home, health and checkbook including:

1. Eliminates duct losses.
2. Runs mostly silent.
3. Removes the circulation of allergens.
4. Uses a low amount of electricity.
5. Allows for a wide variety of energy sources to heat the liquid for Hydronic radiant floors.
6. Enables you to set different temperatures for each room.
7. Easier to maintain. No ducts to clean, and no filter to change.

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