Sunday, October 1, 2017

How to Keep Cool Without Air Conditioning

Hoping to save on energy bills by ditching the AC this summer? Committed to a greener AC-free lifestyle? Need help staying cool in a home without AC?

Over the last 50 years or so, AC has become an everyday commodity. We often don’t even think about any other ways to keep our homes and ourselves cool when the mercury starts rising. You might be surprised to know you can be more than comfortable indoors without resorting to running your AC!

We have put together a few tips to help you stay cool this summer and beyond:

air conditioner ann arborShade

Close your blinds and draw the curtains before peak temperatures during the day. Take things a step further with insulated drapes to keep the heat out. If you’re really serious, install awnings over your windows and plant trees around your house. This will help maintain cooler temperatures indoors throughout your home.


Make sure you’re taking advantage of nature’s AC, wind, and creating a bit of your own when needed! When it’s cooler outside, open several windows to create a cross breeze in the house. To draw more cool air in, turn ceiling fans to reverse, consider box fans in the window, or use your attic fan or whole house fan. When temperatures climb, close your windows, but keep a fan running: you’ll feel more comfortable in moving air than still air. 

Cool Hacks

It may be getting hot in your house, but you can cool yourself down fast and effectively with some simple hacks. Place a bowl of saltwater ice cubes behind your fan and create a faux sea breeze. Or take a quick cold shower, or cold foot bath. Soak a towel or handkerchief in cold water and wrap it around your neck. You’ll be surprised how long the cool lasts!


One of the most tempting times to turn to AC is to cool down your house before bed… is there anything worse than sticking to the sheets!? Sleep cool without AC by using cotton sheets, putting an icepack in the foot of the bed, cooling off with some ice water before turning in. If you have a multi-level, sleep downstairs or in the basement where the air is cooler. 

Get Out

Plan to cook, eat, and maybe even sleep outdoors when you can. Grilling outside will save you from heating up your home with the oven or range. Keeping all the warm food and body heat outside during the meal will also do its part for a cooler house, not to mention allowing you to enjoy the natural breeze while dining al fresco! If you have a tent, consider a night or two sleeping under the stars!

As experts in heating in cooling, we know these tips will keep you cooler this summer if you’re living without AC. But if this isn’t quite enough for you, we can help you install a new cooling system or air conditioner in Ann Arbor to beat the heat! Give us a call today.

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