Sunday, October 15, 2017

Keep Your Home Comfortable For Pets!

Looking for tips for cool pets as temperatures rise? Need some creative ways to keep your furry friends comfortable despite the heat?

Our pets seem to deal with hot days surprisingly well for most being covered in fur! Luckily with your help, they don’t just have to get by! You can help them be cool and comfortable all summer long. 

Try a few of our tips for keeping pets comfortable at home this summer:

1. Exercise Timing

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Help keep your pet cool all day by timing their exercise right. Take your dog out in the morning or evening when it’s cooler and allow other animals to be lazy and undisturbed in the afternoon when it’s hottest. 

2. Humidity Control

Most animals have different mechanisms to control body heat than we do, and high humidity tends to be particularly uncomfortable for our fur babies. Keep them indoors on humid days and consider dehumidifying the house if it’s an issue in the home. 

3. Bath Time

A cool bath inside or out offers your pet an instantly satisfying retreat. Children’s pools are great for dogs and other pets that enjoy the outdoors. A lounge in a sink full of cool water can be great for birds, rabbits, and other small pets. 

4. Spot Selection

On hot days, make sure your pet’s bed, crate, or cage is set up in a shady spot with ventilation so they can rest comfortably. 

5. Water Access

Water is the key to staying cool. Make sure your pet has easy access to fresh water all day. Increase the chill factor with a few ice cubes or refrigerated water. 

Put these tips to use today and your pet will thank you for it! 

We know you and your pet will be feeling cooler with our strategies, but sometimes nothing beats good old air conditioning. If you’re interested in a new air conditioner in Ann Arbor this summer or need other ways to beat the heat, give us a call today!

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