Wednesday, November 1, 2017

How Cold Weather Threatens Your Water Heater

Wondering how much colder weather takes a toll on your water heater? Curious about how much harder your water heater works in frigid temperatures? Not sure your water heater will last another winter?

We rely on our water heaters nearly every day we’re in our homes. From dishes, to laundry, to showers, we expect reliable hot water regardless of the temperatures outdoors. As the red in thermometer disappears, you might not think your demand on the water heater increases much, but truthfully, colder weather puts a significant strain on your water heater.

Check out the top cold weather threats to your water heater:
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1. Colder Water Incoming

No matter the temperature outside, your water heater will continue to heat water to its set point. The difference is, during the winter, incoming water is colder and will require the heater to work longer to bring to temperature. This is an added strain on the heater that goes on all winter long.

2. Using Water for Warmth

Have you ever taken a really long, really hot shower in the winter to warm up? Or held your hands under the hot, running water even after all the soap was rinsed away just to thaw them out? These are things we all do once in a while as the days grow chillier, and they put an extra strain on the water heater which can really add up. 

3. Too Cold To Go Out

We tend to stay in more in the winter months, which can cause a strain in more than one area, but also on your water heater. Staying in means you’ll probably be washing more dishes under hot water, washing hands more often, maybe taking more showers, baths, and other activities all adding demand on your water heater. 

4. More Layers, More Laundry

You wear more clothing in the winter than you do in summer. That means you wash more, too. If you’re washing clothes in hot or warm water, you’re putting more pressure on the water heater. 

All the added usage multiplies across the weeks and months of cold weather and can take its toll on your water heater. Tank water heaters will see a greater increase in sediment with this added usage which can create problems and shorten its lifespan. If your water heater is older, the hard work of the winter might be enough to finish it off. 

If you’re worried about your water heater this winter, call the experts in heating Ann Arbor homes to assess your appliance and provide an estimate for its remaining life. We can also help make sure your water heater and furnace are running efficiently or assist you in any other heating needs in your home. Give us a call today! 

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