Thursday, February 15, 2018

How Wi-Fi Water Sensors Help Prevent Frozen Pipes and Mold

Are you concerned about the possibility of frozen pipes in your home? Think your damp basement could be a mold problem waiting to happen? Curious about technology that can help avoid common maintenance issues in your home?

If you’re losing sleep at night worrying about common home maintenance problems like frozen pipes and mold, there’s a perfect solution out there to help you rest easier! Wi-Fi water sensors are not only handy gadgets that can help you quickly detect a leak in your home, they can also help prevent frozen pipes and mold. 

How does it work? Read on to learn more!
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Concerned about frozen pipes? 

Install a Wi-Fi water sensor that can measure the temperature and it will alert you when the temperature drops to levels that could cause issues. 

Think a room in your house has a potential for mold? 

Get a Wi-Fi water sensor that measures humidity and it will alert you when there may be too much moisture in the air. 

Worried a pipe is at risk for a leak? 

Get a Wi-Fi sensor and place it near any problem or potential problem areas to be alerted to leaks and avoid serious water damage. 

Wi-Fi water sensors can help you quickly detect several home maintenance issues and address them quickly. By connecting to the Wi-Fi you already have at home, the device can let you know almost immediately when there’s a problem. For answers to more of your questions about home maintenance and heating your Ann Arbor home, give us a call today!

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