Thursday, March 1, 2018

How to Stay Cozy at Night without Spending a Fortune!

Are you losing sleep with frozen feet, but don’t want to pay to run your furnace all night? Trying to save money and paying for it with lost sleep? Want to know the trick to saving on your electric bill while staying cozy all night?

You might think that you can sacrifice a little comfort for a lower electric bill every month. But when you start losing sleep in a room that’s simply too chilly, you have to consider the true price you’re paying! 

Imagine taking control of your utility bill while keeping your sleeping quarters cozy all night and all winter long. The trick is to optimize the work of the furnace in your Ann Arbor home, and we have just the tips to help you do it. 
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• Improve your insulation: this could be as easy as adding some sheets of insulation to your attic or hanging insulated curtains in bedrooms. 

• Consider zoned heating and cooling: instead of heating the whole house to your most comfortable sleep temperature, only heat the zone of the house where your bedroom is! This can really save money long-term. 

• Duct cleaning: if your ducts haven’t been serviced in a while, dust and buildup could be causing the furnace to run inefficiently. A professional clean could lower your bill without you even touching the thermostat. 

• Programmable thermostat: this tool helps you take control of your electric bill with greater control of your home’s temperature. Program the thermostat to lower temps when you’re away and to drop a few degrees after you’re comfortably asleep.

• Lower temps during the day: to compensate for higher temps at night, lower the temperature during the day. When you’re up and moving around, you might be surprised how comfortable a lower temp can feel. 

• Furnace inspection: if your furnace is older that 12-15 years and you feel like you have to adjust the temperature more frequently to feel comfortable, a professional inspection could be worth your while.

These tips should help you feel cozy and comfy at night without bringing tears to your eyes when you get your electric bill. If you have more questions about saving money or servicing the furnace in your Ann Arbor home this winter, give us a call today. 

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