Monday, February 1, 2016

Strapped For Cash? 8 Alternative Ways to Stay Warm This Winter!

Is your furnace running at top notch performance?

Can’t afford to replace your furnace at the moment?

Are you looking for alternate ways to keep your home warm?

You’ve come to the right place! At CMR Mechanical, we’re the experts when it comes to heating your Ann Arbor home. We’ve compiled a list of ways to keep your home warm this winter if you’re strapped for cash, including:
heating ann arbor

  1. Use a space heater for the one room you spend a lot of time in (but use it safely!)
  2. Install a programmable thermostat.
  3. Make a fire in your fireplace.
  4. Drink warm beverages.
  5. Update your weather stripping.
  6. Put up curtains to help seal out the cold air.
  7. Insulate outlets and switches to eliminate drafts.
  8. Keep warm by wearing layers and using blankets.

If you still have a hard time heating your Ann Arbor home and staying comfortably warm, contact CMR Mechanical as soon as possible. We have the experience, knowledge, and skills necessary to service and repair all brands of HVAC systems.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed With Heating Contractors in Ann Arbor

Call us today at 734-424-9555 to schedule an appointment. We’ll measure your home and survey your needs to recommend the correct heating for your Ann Arbor home to maximize your comfort. We have a commitment to providing you excellent service. In fact, we put our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for equipment and all services in writing!

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